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Tempering Chocolate

HOW TO TEMPER CHOCOLATE DIRECT METHOD Simply stated, with this method you only melt the chocolate to its working temperature and never allow it to come out of temper. While this is the simplest way to work with real chocolate, its tricky and you must monitor the process very closely! Begin by melting chocolate coins (or small pieces cut from a larger bar of chocolate) in a glass bowl, in the microwave at power at 30 seconds intervals stirring between each interval. Using your thermometer, determine the temperature of the chocolate as it begins to melt. DO NOT allow the chocolate to exceed its working temperature. Dark chocolate : 89F90F (32C); Milk chocolate : 86F-87F (30C); White chocolate : 82F-83F (28C). If the temperatures climb above these specific ranges, your chocolate will come … Läs hela artikeln »

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