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Taïnori 64%

Valrhona Taïnori 64% from Dominican Republic New Grand Crus from the “New World” Paradise Island New Grand Crus from the “New World” Paradise Island When Christopher Columbus discovered the “New World” and all of its glorious bounty of tastes, plants and people, his first stop was what is now theDominican Republic, where he was greeted by the Tainos peoples.  That same fertile island paradise is the origina of Trinitario cocoa which is used to produce Valrhona’s Taïnori 64% Grand Crus. Exuding flavors of yellow fruit with notes of roasted almonds, the fruity and long lasting character of this Valrhona chocolate are certain to be a hit with all chocolate lovers.  Taïnori 64% Dominican Republic – In theDominican Republic, the island with the highest elevation in theWest Indies, Valrhona has selected and carefully fermented Trinitario cocoa … Läs hela artikeln »

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