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Alpaco 66%

Valrhona Chocolate Sourced in Ecuador Equals Pure Pleasure Ecuadorderives its name from its straddling the equator, which provides the perfect climate and terroir to support world-class cocoa and has made it one of the most important cocoa producing countries in the world. Nestled in the “chocolate triangle” formed by the villages of Vinces, Quevedo and Babaoio are cocoa plantations that have been cared for over many generations. Here, a traditional local bean variety is cultivated called “Nacional,” better known as Arriba cocoa, which is used to create Alpaco, Grand Cru de Terroir fromEcuador. An Exquisite Equatorial Bean Made from the Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional cocoa bean, the Alpaco is a dark chocolate bar that possesses a profile of fascinating contrasts. Its robust cocoa strength is perfectly balanced with lighter floral notes of jasmine and orange blossom. A Fabulous … Läs hela artikeln »

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