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Caraibe 66%

Valrhona continues to take foodies on a chocolate taste trek with another sensational Grand Crus bar chocolate, the Caraïbe 66%. As with all the Grand Crus, this gourmet creation from Valrhona is the product of cocoa beans sourced by Valrhona bean expert Pierre Costet, who travels the globe in search of the very best cocoa plantations to produce the very finest chocolate. The unique “terroir” of each Grand Crus gives rise to particular qualities and attributes resulting in truly singular taste experience. Each bite reveals a spectrum of flavors and aromatic notes that dance together on the tongue with the harmony of aCaribbeantune.  Caraïbe is a Grand Cru ideal for those who desire a full balanced chocolate with a delicate aroma of light coffee that leaves a deliciously subtle aftertaste with hints … Läs hela artikeln »

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