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Tasting Wheel

The Valrhona Tasting Wheel is designed to illustrate our expertise in cocoa beans and taste. By organizing Valrhona’s eight Grands Crus on a scale of aromatic strength and by rating them on the four principal sensorial criteria of acidity, bitterness, fruitiness and nuttiness, the Tasting Wheel is a tool that helps lovers of fine chocolate select and enjoy our Grands Crus chocolates.   Using the Wheel The wheel is your guide into the world of Valrhona chocolate through ”Taste.” Use it to refine your choices, by flavor profile preference, by curiosity, or simply allow yourself to be drawn into a realm of unique taste sensations.   The wheel shows that a chocolate’s uniqueness is not linked to its percentage, but to its origin and its history. Tasting Chocolate Sight: First of all, look at the chocolate. … Läs hela artikeln »

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