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Porcelana del Pedregal 69% kakao

Porcelana del Pedregal, Valrhonas nya Porcelana Choklad från egna plantagen Pedregal i Venezuela. 69% kakaohalt. inkommer i december 2004. För 10 år sedan fann Valrhona en övergiven plantage i El Vigia området vid foten av Anderna i Venezuela. Stenigt och vildvuxet. Man fann där resterna av en odling av en sort av Criollobönan, Porcelana, som efter tester visade sig ha mycket bra karaktär. Valrhona köpte in marken/odlingen, restaurerade och återplanterade, anställde och involverade lokalbefolkningen i resturationen av plantagen. Valrhona är alltså nu den enda kända chokladtillverkaren som äger sina råvarutillgångar, kan styra kvaliteten på odling och bönorna och som samtidigt kan ge anständiga arbetsvillkor. Så nu, efter alla dessa år av kultivering anser Valrhona att träden ger sådan kvalitativ skörd att man kan göra god choklad av den. 69% kakaohalt anser … Läs hela artikeln »

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Gran Couva 2010

Round and balanced taste. Roasted hazelnut and almond flavors, spice note. Tasting Notes: The uniqueness of the Gran Couva estate lies in the subtle, opening sensation of freshness, akin to the distinctive flavor profiles of medicinal plants. That mild acidity enhances the flavors of preserved fruit. A final layer of roasted, chocolaty notes releases yet another sensation of fresh plant aromas. Wine Pairing Suggestions A softer style Zinfandel shows raspberry, cherry and cassis, while a rich Cabernet Sauvignon brings out the almond/hazelnut quality of Gran Couva. … Läs hela artikeln »

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Ampamakia 2010

Rich, full taste of yellow fruits such as plum and cherry plum, with acidic notes. Tasting Notes: An initial burst of refreshing acidity carries a harmonious blend of pineapple and yellow peach essences. Characteristics of 2009 include soft, warm chocolaty notes, delicately paired with hints of licorice. Wine Pairing Suggestions A high tannin (dry) Zinfandel or Cabernet Sauvignon is an ideal match here. First the tangy fruitiness (cherry and raspberry) of Ampamakia and the wine shows, but then develops into a creamy coffee, cocoa flavor. … Läs hela artikeln »

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Palmira 2010

Subtle full, round taste with notes of honey and nuts. Tasting Notes: Trace amounts of acidity are balanced by the sweetness of Mirabelle plum and acacia honey. Creamy, delicate notes are exquisitely interlaced with bold, long-lasting flavors of roasted cocoa Wine Pairing Suggestions A full-bodied Zinfandel brings out a nutty, bread dough quality to Palmira while the wine shows cranberry and boysenberry flavors. For something sweeter, try a late harvest Zinfandel from California or Italy (Primitivo). … Läs hela artikeln »

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Taïnori 64%

Valrhona Taïnori 64% from Dominican Republic New Grand Crus from the “New World” Paradise Island New Grand Crus from the “New World” Paradise Island When Christopher Columbus discovered the “New World” and all of its glorious bounty of tastes, plants and people, his first stop was what is now theDominican Republic, where he was greeted by the Tainos peoples.  That same fertile island paradise is the origina of Trinitario cocoa which is used to produce Valrhona’s Taïnori 64% Grand Crus. Exuding flavors of yellow fruit with notes of roasted almonds, the fruity and long lasting character of this Valrhona chocolate are certain to be a hit with all chocolate lovers.  Taïnori 64% Dominican Republic – In theDominican Republic, the island with the highest elevation in theWest Indies, Valrhona has selected and carefully fermented Trinitario cocoa … Läs hela artikeln »

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Alpaco 66%

Valrhona Chocolate Sourced in Ecuador Equals Pure Pleasure Ecuadorderives its name from its straddling the equator, which provides the perfect climate and terroir to support world-class cocoa and has made it one of the most important cocoa producing countries in the world. Nestled in the “chocolate triangle” formed by the villages of Vinces, Quevedo and Babaoio are cocoa plantations that have been cared for over many generations. Here, a traditional local bean variety is cultivated called “Nacional,” better known as Arriba cocoa, which is used to create Alpaco, Grand Cru de Terroir fromEcuador. An Exquisite Equatorial Bean Made from the Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional cocoa bean, the Alpaco is a dark chocolate bar that possesses a profile of fascinating contrasts. Its robust cocoa strength is perfectly balanced with lighter floral notes of jasmine and orange blossom. A Fabulous … Läs hela artikeln »

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Caraibe 66%

Valrhona continues to take foodies on a chocolate taste trek with another sensational Grand Crus bar chocolate, the Caraïbe 66%. As with all the Grand Crus, this gourmet creation from Valrhona is the product of cocoa beans sourced by Valrhona bean expert Pierre Costet, who travels the globe in search of the very best cocoa plantations to produce the very finest chocolate. The unique “terroir” of each Grand Crus gives rise to particular qualities and attributes resulting in truly singular taste experience. Each bite reveals a spectrum of flavors and aromatic notes that dance together on the tongue with the harmony of aCaribbeantune.  Caraïbe is a Grand Cru ideal for those who desire a full balanced chocolate with a delicate aroma of light coffee that leaves a deliciously subtle aftertaste with hints … Läs hela artikeln »

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Grue de Cacao, Kakaokross

Cocoa Nibs (Grue de Cacao) 2.2lb Dry-roasted pieces of the cocoa bean. Origin: Dominican Republic. Adds a crunchy texture and strong chocolate flavor to cookies, ice cream, or just sprinkle them over a chocolate mousse … Läs hela artikeln »

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Xocopili – Spicy Dark Chocolate Pearls Savory chocolate pearls blended with a subtle range of spices 72% Dark Chocolate. Spices paprika, curry, cardamom, basque chili pepper. An exclusive combination of selected spices. Xocopili, an original recipe created by Frédéric Bau, executive pastry Chef at lEcole du Grand Chocolat Valrhona, including curry and chili pepper for an exclusive spice blend. Xocopili Chocolate Pearls are also the perfect compliment for a dessert wine or cognac after dinner … Läs hela artikeln »

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AMPAMAKIA 64% Dark Chocolate

from MADAGASCAR, Plantation Millot. Nestled in the heart of this fertile region is one of the most historic farms, the Millot plantation, which has been growing cocoa beans for over a century. The estate is steeped in a wide array of scents including ylang-ylang, Madagascar vanilla and patchouli. The Ampamakia bar reveals a perfect balance of aromatic expressions and pure cocoa authenticity.  … Läs hela artikeln »

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